Celebrate the Holiday with Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine & Ricci Curbastro Holiday Feature 🥂
When Speaking On The Topic Of Sparkling Wine, Many People Use The Term “Champagne”. The Fact Is That Many Sparkling Wines Are Not Champagne. True Champagne Must Be Produced Within A Small Region Of Northern France Named, You Guessed It, Champagne! There Are, Of Course, Many Other Regions Throughout The World That Produce High Quality Sparkling Wines. These Wines Might Be From Other Regions In France, California, Italy, Spain, Portugal, And Even South Africa. They May Be Labelled As “Traditional Method” Or Sometimes “Champagne Method”. When Following These Time Tested Winemaking Processes, World Renowned Sparkling Wines Can Be Produced In Almost Any Grape Growing Region.
So, How Do They Do It? What Makes The Wines So Special? Much Of The Process Is Credited To A Monk Named Dom Perignon And Madame Clicquot. You’ve Probably Heard Those Names Before. The Winemaking Process That They Perfected Is Much Different From Still Wine Production. Here Is A Consolidated Version Of The Steps:
  1. First Fermentation (A Highly Acidic Still Wine Is Created, And The Blend (Cuvee) Is Created.)
  2. Secondary Fermentation (The Still Wine Is Bottled With Yeast And A Small Amount Of Sugar Called The “Liqueur de Tirage”. Carbon Dioxide Is Trapped, And Bubbles Form.)
  3. Lees Aging (The Wine Ages On The Spent Yeast (Lees) Giving The Wine The Classic Bready Notes)
  4. Riddling (After Many Months, The Lees Are Moved To The Neck Of The Bottle)
  5. Disgorgement (The Lees Are Removed From The Bottle
  6. The Dosage (Adding The “Liqueur d’Expedition” To The Wine. This Is Often A Coveted Trade Secret Of The Winery. This Addition Determines The Wines Final Sweetness ie. Demi-Sec, Brut, Extra Brut.)
After A Few More Months Of Aging, The Traditional Method Sparkling Wine Is Ready To Drink! The Whole Process Takes About Three Years. But Many Winemakers Prefer To Age Longer.
This Brings Us To The Italian Version. The Highly Acclaimed Franciacorta. These Wines Must Be Produced Within A 200kM Area Just South Of Lake d’Iseo. The Range Is Inclusive Of 19 Municipalities In The Province Of Brescia, In The Heart Of Lombardy
Azienda Ricci Curbastro Is A 32 Hectare Farm Estate Winery In The Capriola Municipality In Brescia. It Has Been Family Owned And Operated For 18 Generations, Dating Back To The 1300’s. The Estate Is Complete With 27 Hectares Of Planted Vineyards, Along With Onsite Winery, Cellar, Bed & Breakfast And An Agricultural Museum. Today, The Certified Organic And Sustainable Property, Is Managed By Dr. Riccardo Ricci Curbastro And His Son Dr. Gualberto Ricci Curbastro.
We Are Featuring Two Of Ricci Curbastro’s Franciacorta Sparkling Wines For Your Holiday Celebrations! The Saten Brut And Rose Brut Are The Perfect Accompaniment For Christmas Dinner Or Ringing In The New Year!
The Saten Brut Is Made From 100% Chardonnay Grapes. After Pressing, The Juice Is First Fermented In Oak Barrels. The Secondary Fermentation Occurs In Bottle, On The Lees, For 40 Months. After Disgorgement, The Dosage Is Added At 7 Grams Of Sugar/Liter, Then Aged Several More Months Before Distribution. This Results In A Flavorful And Beautiful Wine. The Color Is Straw Yellow And Clear, With A Bright And Brilliant Bubble. On The Nose, Ripe Fruit Dances With The Traditional Bread And Toasted Almond Notes. On The Palate, The Wine Is Elegant, Continuing The Same Flavor Notes From The Nose, With Good Body, Structure, And Acidity.
The Rose Brut Is Made From 80% Pinot Noir And 20% Chardonnay. During The Pressing, The Pinot Noir Is Left To A Short Period Of Skin Contact. This Allows The Development Of The Gorgeous Coloration. First Fermentation Occurs In Stainless Steel Vats. It Is The Transferred To The Bottle, Where It Will Age For A Minimum Of 24 Months On The Lees. The Bottle Is Then Disgorged And A Dosage Is Added. Again At 7 Grams Of Sugar/Liter. The Bottles Are Then Aged Out To A Total Of 36 Months. The Result Is A Perfect Sparkling Rose. The Color Is Salmon Pink, With A Fine And Brilliant Bubble. On The Nose, Black Cherry And Ripe Berries Mingle With Herbal Notes And A Hint Of Rose Petal. On The Palate, There Is A Robust Freshness That Is Fruity And Fragrant, With A Strong Body The Balances The Wine.
You Can Not Go Wrong In Choosing Either Of These Wines For Your Holiday Festivities. I Suggest Getting Both For A Flight-Style Tasting. There Are Only Six Of Each Available And I’ve Priced Them To Move. Try One For $75 Or Get One Of Each In A Package Deal For $140 While They Last.

Happy Holidays And A Very Happy New Year From All Of Us At LeoGreta!! -Jon