We officially have a Wine Cellar!

Over the past month, we have brought LeoGreta’s wine cellar into operation. The new temperature and humidity-controlled space allows more quantity and diversity in the wines that we can store and feature. Throughout the coming months, we will be expanding the wine list exponentially!

Today, the first step of expansion begins! Phase one is focused on, of course, Italian wines. After all, what would pair better with chef’s delicious red sauce! Italy boasts twenty unique wine producing regions and over three hundred and fifty indigenous grapes. So, how did I decide on what wines to bring to LeoGreta?
🥂Saluti 🥂
Most wine drinkers know many Italian wines as a household name. Wines like Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, Chianti, and Barolo are commonplace and easily found on the shelves at a local wine and spirits store. But, what about the lesser-known varietals? Regionally specific grapes grown almost solely in one area became my muse. From the light nuttiness of Tuscan Vernaccia to the full-bodied intensity of Nerello Mescalese that grow in the volcanic soil of mt. Etna in Sicily, I wanted to represent a vast offering of both common and not so common wines.
I decided on a plan, to represent the full array of what Italy has to offer. I would go region by region and procure a red and white wine most characteristic of each. I set out to find the best examples that I could. After tasting hundreds of wines from small, family owned, and boutique-style wineries, I limited things to compose a wine by the bottle list that I am proud of. I must say, I had help along the way. A wine list of this nature is impossible without all of the women and men from small, local importers and family-owned wine purveyors.

Stop in for dinner soon to be one of the first people to see the new list. Whether you want a glass of the familiar and trusted Chianti or feel like sharing a bottle of Cesanese with a friend for the first time, we have you covered. When you get here, ask for me. I’d be happy to help you find your new favorite or a wine from the region your grandparents lived in Italy!