If you have a family that loves you, a few good friends, food on the table, & a roof over your head... You are richer than you think.

About the Name

The inspiration behind the name LeoGreta comes from Chef and Owner, Greg Alauzen's Parents, Leon and Greta Alauzen. As one of six kids,
Chef Greg learned much from his parents in not only the kitchen, but also through their work ethic. Growing up in Bridgeville, Chef Greg learned that love and hard work go hand in hand. The kitchen was a place where life's lessons were learned and it continues to be today.

About the Chef/Owner

Chef Greg Alauzen grew up in Pittsburgh and graduated from Chartiers Valley High School. Working at a local Italian restaurant, Fatigati's, he found his love of cooking and his first culinary mentor, Ivo Fatigati. 
Chef Greg studied at the Culinary Institute of America in New York and then went to work at New York's Maxims de Paris. Back in Pittsburgh, Chef Greg met and married his wife, Deb. Returning to New York, Chef Greg helped open Aureole with Charlie Palmer. He and Deb then moved to New Jersey where they started their own family and Chef Greg opened his first restaurant, Culinary Renaissance, with his close friend and CIA classmate, Frankie Falcinelli.
When his father Leon fell ill in the mid-90s, Chef Greg and his family decided to move back home. He worked as the Executive Chef at various restaurants including The Steelhead Grill, Eleven, & Cioppino.
LeoGreta has turned into one of Chef's greatest accomplishments and there is so much more to come! 

About our Space

The revitalization of Carnegie, PA, just outside of Pittsburgh, is one way LeoGreta wants to make its mark. Chef Greg dreamed of opening his own restaurant for quite some time, but there was never a good fit, until now... LeoGreta is about good food, friends, and family, which is why this space, is the perfect spot. 
Many years ago, three boys met at Washington Elementary School in Bridgeville, PA...
Greg Alauzen, Lenny Klemencic, and Chris Exler would continue their friendship for many years to come. Owning the building, Lenny knew it would be the perfect spot for Greg to open a restaurant. Once Greg was on board, good friend, Chris Exler helped build it out.
Now, LeoGreta is the place for friends and family to come together, enjoy their time, & eat a DELICIOUS meal!
And GUESS WHAT... We are expanding to the building next door, building out a bar, event room and back patio! Check out the updates and time line on our construction page.